On June 4th 2012, a unique performance will take place at the historical setting of Bärensaal Berlin, celebrating The Power Of Creation by Dom Pérignon.
Leo Kuelbs, an international curator spent several days together with the video mapping artists of Glowing Bulbs, in Hautvillers and Versailles. Letting their imagination take flight, the artwork crew gained precious inspiration by visiting the birthplace of champagne and a private tasting with the creator of Dom Pérignon vintages, Richard Geoffroy.
The result: Many, many photos were taken.
Two weeks before, a stunning photoshoot with opera singer Nadja Michael took place in Leo Kuelbs studio in Brooklyn, NYC. Having debuted as Lady Macbeth at the Metropolitan Opera New York in March 2012, Nadja Michael is meant to be the artistic counterpart, enriching the video art orchestration and therefore the „Divine Coalescence“ of Dom Pérignon with her self composed song „Day of the Days“.
All these elements build the artistic architecture for „Divine Coalescene“, a unique video artwork orchestration that merges the history and presence of a champagne icon like it was never seen before…

„Divine Coalescene“ — Curator Leo Kuelbs
Video Art Orchestration — Glowing Bulbs
Song „Day of the Days“ — Nadja Michael

Kunde: Dom Pérignon
Im Auftrag: Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton
Jahr: 2012
Leistung: Eventdokumentation